Parking Automation System

Automated parking system increases convenience and security of the public parking lot as well as collecting parking fee without hassles and wastage of time. The automated parking system run with pre-programmed controller to make minimum human involvement in parking system and ensures access control in restricted places.

The system comes in two types; 1. Barcode / smart card based system and 2. Kiosk based system.

Operation at the entrance

Whenever vehicle is entering in a parking lot, the vehicle presence detector (loop coil) at the entrance detects a vehicle, the antenna radiates radio frequency. Operator sitting in a booth or automatic kiosk dispenses a barcoded token containing time stamp. Only after printing ticket, barrier gets opened. Whenever vehicle passes over a loop, barrier automatically gets down. Vehicle proceeds to designated parking area.

Operation at the exit

The exit is also equipped with a vehicle presence detector (loop coil) and a barrier. Operator at exit booth scans barcode accepts cash / smart card (for frequent users). The barrier opens only after printing payment receipt and closes automatically after passing over a loop detector.