Toll Audit

Necessity of toll audit :

It is necessary for Govt. authorities or toll contractors that to audit toll collection process on regular basis. It is recommended to conduct toll audits at least twice in a year in different seasons.

Toll audit helps to improvise efficiency of toll collection procedure, HR management, upgrade electronic toll collection system to get maximum accuracy, avoid traffic jams resulting in fast clearance of lane traffic, increase toll revenue by minimising leakages.

It is proposed to conduct toll audit with brief scope of work as given below

- Perform system audit for integration and database security.
- Check electronic toll collection system for efficiency, user friendliness, AVC accuracy, reports.
- Carry out 7 days round the clock traffic count using ATCC & digital videography technology.
- Compare toll system data / reports vis a vis with video data.
- Preparation of Comparative scrutiny and variance analysis report.
- Monitor round the clock toll operations in booth and lanes for a period of 7 days to find out lacunas in toll collection efficiency.