Traffic Studies

Necessity of traffic studies:

Traffic studies are the initial step of any road project whether it is improvement over existing road or construction of entirely new road. The intensity of traffic flow at any given section of the road forms the basis for determining its spatial and structural design requirements.

These studies are the base for deciding many components such as roadway width, layer composition etc. in any highway design and to assess potential toll revenue from toll-able traffic. The collection of traffic data thus assumes utmost significance in the development of any road project.

To assess potential toll revenue and to calculate minimum concession period of toll collection transparency and accurate traffic data is very important.

We provide manual traffic count as well as with the help of handheld machines.

Limitations of manual traffic count

- Data accuracy cannot be proved as evidence is not available.
- Being a 24 x 7 stereo type work, percentage of errors observed is more
- Evidence cannot be made available for correctness of recorded data.

What Samarth Softech offers?

To overcome these challenges; Samarth Softech offers different methodologies of traffic count using latest technologies available and adopted all over the world.

Automatic Traffic Counters cum Classifiers (ATCC systems)

When traffic count is taken with the help of Automatic Traffic Counters and Classifiers; very less human intervention is required. Samarth conducts traffic counts using various modern and advanced technologies adopted worldwide.

Samarth used ATCC systems based on Loop-Piezo sensor technology, pneumatic pressure sensor technology, IR / Laser sensor based technology and video based ATCC systems. Suitable ATCC system may be selected depending on site conditions, accuracy expected and budget.

ATCC systems installation may be permanent for long term traffic data collection or temporary for short term (one or two weeks) traffic data collection. For permanent ATCC installations loop and Piezo sensor technology can be used whereas for temporary installations pneumatic pressure / IR sensor / Laser sensor based technology can be used.